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When your muscles are starting to ache and you can't seem to get anything done because of the nagging pain it's high time you get a massage. Instead of downing painkillers, the best therapy to relieve muscle aches is to visit a massage spa for complete relaxation. There are some people who like to be massaged in their homes and all they need to do is contact a professional massage therapist.  However, majority of people feel that they can get the best stress relief massage when they are in an actual spa. 


Aside from being relaxed, there are other reasons why getting a regular massage is good for you.


Number one is that it helps reduce stress and anxiety. It has been said that the root of major disease complications are brought about by stress. So if you don't deal with stress early on it can morph into a bigger problem. Research shows that massage can help decrease cortisol levels in the body while at the same time increase dopamine and serotonin. Cortisol is also known as the stress hormone. Therefore, if you are regularly bombarded with stress, the natural way to counter it is to get a regular massage.  


Number two; a massage makes you more productive. When you're under a lot of stress you become irritable and consequentially you become unproductive. If your unproductivity gets in the way with work, a simple solution is to visit a day spa. An hour a week of a good whole body stress relief massage in roseville may be all you need to get that promotion. 


Number three, massage targets lower back pain. People who work in offices are prone to back pain because of the number of hours they spend warming their office chairs. Regular massage can help address lower back pain and it doesn't even matter whether it's a deep tissue massage or a light massage, either way it can still ease the pain. 


Number four is going to surprise you because not everyone knows that massage is directly linked to immunity. This is because a deep tissue massage helps promote lymph movement, which is a natural defense system in our body. 


Number five, massage is good for people who have trouble sleeping. If you are an insomniac you may benefit from a regular massage. 


The great thing about getting a massage is not only does it help relieve the pain it also relaxes the mind. And the more relaxed and stress-free your mind is, the more productive you become. So there you have it, massage is something we all need whether we're stressed or not.